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How We’re Coping During Social Distancing.

We value caring.

At College Beyond caring is one of our core values. We are genuinely concerned about each others’ well-being. During social distancing, we make an extra effort to make sure both our staff and students are mentally and physically well. Here’s a look at how College Beyond is practicing mindfulness and minding our mental health during Covid-19.

Coping During Covid

Dr. Erin Wheeler, Executive Director 

“I make sure to spend time outside like going for a walk or working outdoors.  I limit my exposure to social media and news.  I make sure I am listening to positive motivational videos or podcasts. I am also making efforts to create boundaries for work and life.”

Erica Martinez, Program Director

“I take time to focus on the things I can control, like spending time with my family and checking in on my neighbors and try let go of the things I can’t control. I’m also being more intentional about buying local fruit and vegetables to support local businesses and to have healthy options at home.”

Michelle Anaba, AmeriCorps Vista Member- Program Associate

“I make sure to get at least a  little bit of sun every day. Getting fresh air daily makes a noticeable difference when situations are stressful. It really helps to clear my mind and put things into perspective. I have also found that limiting news and social media helps to stop the constant barrage of negative information. I stay informed, but I don’t constantly keep up with all the details surrounding Covid-19. Lastly, I set a routine to keep myself from being overwhelmed. This helps me to set realistic goals, and keep track of everything I need to accomplish. Setting a routine also helps me to make time for breaks and create a work/life balance.”

Sarah Payne, Director of Strategy 

“I’m trying to make time to connect with loved ones and to move my body. I also take some time every day to check in with myself, asking: What feelings are coming up for me? What does this feeling want for me? What does it need? When I do this, I’m trying to just allow my feelings to happen, recognizing that they will change, like the weather. I’m trying to be friendly toward them, regardless of how they show up.”

Here’s more tips on how to protect your mental wellness during Covid-19.

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